Why Spring Is the Ideal Season for Siding Installation

Winter is behind us and spring is here, which makes now the perfect time to call your siding contractor for that siding replacement you’ve been delaying. In today’s post, A1-Siding & Roofing explains why spring is the ideal time to tackle siding replacement once and for all.

Resolving Problems

The extreme temperatures of winter put your siding to the test. Scheduling your siding installation in spring gives you a chance to address the issues that have been plaguing your system for months. One of the biggest problems caused by worn down siding is poor energy efficiency. Aging boards simply do not have the same level of insulation that new ones offer. Taking care of this now will help you lower your energy bills going forward.

Clear Skies

Spring tends to bring moderate temperatures and mild weather. Conditions are typically ideal for construction workers. With a smaller risk of weather-related delays, your siding project is likely to go more smoothly and be finished more quickly than if you scheduled it at a different time of year. 

Low-Maintenance Material

When replacing your siding, you can take this opportunity to choose a low-maintenance material. Vinyl siding is a durable and versatile product that needs very little care aside from the occasional cleaning. This season, talk to your contractor about replacing your siding with vinyl.

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